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The extra pair of hands you always needed!

Li'l Miss Perfect Services provides busy people with some breathing room in their day to day life. Whether it be house cleaning & pre-made meals for your busy working family, planning your sister's baby shower, finding affordable catering for your small, intimate wedding or that office lunch meeting on Tuesday, you have "the extra pair of hands you always needed".

The 9-5 and nuclear family life are a thing of the past: Today we strive to survive with our super busy, chaotic workload and home life, yet are still expected to maintain the expectations set by the generations before us. These great expectations are today's cause of stress within the relationships we have with our partners, our children and with ourselves. Why not hire your very own personal assistant to alleviate your stress?


Li'l Miss Perfect Services offers plans to suit individual needs and budgets, giving you, your quality of life back to spend with loved ones, and not worrying about the details.